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Lesson 2: Respond to society acquisition circulars
Lesson 2: Respond to society acquisition circulars

Send your disposals in response to a society acquisition

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Send properties to tenant reps that match their search criteria for them to add to their clients reports.


Jump down to the relevant sections of this guide or watch the video below:

1. View a Tenant Rep's Acquisition

a) via your inbox

We'll send you emails when tenant reps publish requirements to the Society. They'll be sent from and tend to have a subject line that starts with "β†’ Looking for..."

b) via the website:

From within the Society > Acquisitions section you have access to the latest requirements circulated by fellow members. Click it to open for further details and the ability to reply in a few clicks.

2. Send suggested properties [match requests]

When viewing the requirement click 'Match my disposals', this will give you a list of your published disposals that you can send back to the tenant rep.

The aim now is to select what properties you wish to send the tenant rep...

Selecting what properties to send

The system automatically provides you a list of properties it thinks are a good match for their Acquisition. You can select those properties like so:

You can also manually search for properties you want to send them, use the text search to do this:

πŸ‘‰ Note: you can only send properties which you've already published to the Society, see how to publish disposals here.

Send your match requests to the Tenant Rep

Now you have selected the properties, it's time to send them to the tenant rep with a personal message. Now press 'Send Match Request' and the tenant rep will be instantly notified.

3. Why respond via Agents Society?

1. It's only a few clicks to reply from AS

- Quicker than looking for the latest PDFs and check they have the correct info

2. Interest Schedules

- Every time you send match requests the tenant rep's requirements automatically drop onto each properties Interest Schedule

3. Tenant reps will love you for it

- AS provides tenant reps a great way to quickly report back to their clients

- Each agent responds in the same way making it easy for them to review each property and automatically add them to their reports

- Sending an email of your properties means they can't easily include them on their reports

β˜… Pro Tip: Adjust your notification settings so you only hear about requirements that match your disposals.

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