Lesson 2: Add more detail to your report

Sometimes disposal agents are just lazy

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To make a quality report for your client you will always need rent, rates and charges (even if they are only estimates). Adding these each time you press export is time consuming, so we help you save these in the system so it remembers for next time.

Save Rent, Rates & Charges

These can sometimes be missing, or you may have a more accurate view to what the disposal agent originally advertised. Override them following the below steps:

  1. Open the match (via your requirement hub or the match schedule)

  2. Overtype the "value for report" to show the value just for this client

  3. Use "Team Intel" to save this value for everytime you add this property to an acquisition

Match specific space

Select what space inside that property is best suited for your client. That will automatically update the total occupancy costs on your reports accordingly.

Add a report comment

This comment will appear on your exports, think of it as a personal thought on why this property is a good or better option for them.

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