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📖 Guide: Publish to Twitter
📖 Guide: Publish to Twitter

How to link your account and some frequently asked questions

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Link your account

When on a property > marketing > publish options, simply click 'Twitter' to send a Tweet. Steps are as follows:

  1. Click 'Connect Now'

  2. Click 'Connect Twitter'

  3. You'll be redirected to Twitter to authorise our app, click 'Authorise app'

  4. Once you've linked your account, go to the property you want to tweet about

  5. As soon as you hit 'Tweet' the tweet is sent instantly!


  1. Does the Twitter account I link to my AgentsInsight account become the Twitter account for everyone at my organisation?
    Yes, we recommend linking a company Twitter account and not a personal one

  2. Can I change the Tweet before it goes out?
    Yes, when you press the Twitter button you get a “compose tweet” box that has the default tweet but you can tweak this if needed

  3. What will the Tweet look like?
    See example here:

4. What image pulls through to the Twitter listing?
The first image in the Media section

5. Will a link to the property on our website show on the tweet?
Yes as long as you have "published to website" in AI

6. How quickly will my tweet appear on my account?

7. Can I send a tweet multiple times via AgentsInsight?
Yes, every time you click ‘Twitter’ it will compose a new tweet

8. Can I see when and how many times I’ve tweeted about this property before?
Yes, if you’ve tweeted about the property at least once before, the next time you click in to tweet about the property you will be able to see a tweet history at the top

9. Why can't I link my Twitter account?
Publishing to Twitter is an AgentsInsight feature. To upgrade your package get in touch here


  1. My tweet isn’t showing?

  • Check you have an account linked under More > Account Settings > Features

  • Try and send another tweet

  • Is Twitter down?

  • Does this happen on all properties or just 1?

2. There are no images showing?

  • Check you have images stored on the property under the Media tab (it will always show 1 image, the first image under Media)

  • Try and send another tweet

  • Is Twitter down?

  • Does this happen on all properties or just 1?

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