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Lesson 1: Publishing availability to Radius
Lesson 1: Publishing availability to Radius

How to publish availability to Radius & some frequently asked questions

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What is Radius Data Exchange?

Radius is a data sharing platform bringing together timely transactional data, market analysis, news and legal commentary for commercial property agents on one integrated platform. Find out more about Radius here

We have worked with Radius to create a feed between AI and Radius Data Exchange. It allows you to publish your availability and deals from AI to them at a click of a button. You'll keep managing your availability / deals from AI then decide what records to publish. Publishing is as simple as a click of a button, but we’ll keep you in total control of what data you send.

Publish to Radius Data Exchange

We’ve worked hard to ensure the validation (checking you have the minimum info), confidential flags and publishing process only takes a few clicks. You decide what data to publish to Radius Data Exchange, we just help you get it there!

When on a property > marketing > publish options, simply click 'Radius Data Exchange' to start:

  1. If you have any errors, these need to be rectified

  2. Once errors have been sorted you can then search for the property address

  3. Press publish

  4. Then it will appear on Radius' website!

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  1. How quickly does my property / deal appear on Radius?

  2. Can we set up multiple offices to publish to?
    Unfortunately not

  3. Will my data automatically publish to Radius?
    No, it is in your control when and what properties and transactions get sent to Radius

  4. I get an error message when trying to publish
    Open this doc to see the cheat sheet for Error codes

  5. I don't have the option to publish to Radius?
    Publishing to Radius is an AgentsInsight feature. To upgrade your package get in touch here

  6. What information can feed through to Radius?

    Disposal information that can feed through to Radius includes:

    • Address

    • Lease Landlords Company

    • Sole Vendors Company

    • Lease asking rents

    • Sale asking price

    • Investment Total Rental Income

    • Images

    • Documents

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