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Lesson 1: Publish a disposal to the society
Lesson 1: Publish a disposal to the society

Promote and publish your property to your fellow society members

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Publishing your property to the Agents Society will promote your availability to the entire membership in just a few clicks. It also means your property is available to be 'matched' by tenant reps to their availability reports.


To publish a disposal to the society, you'll want to complete the following steps:

1. Start by creating your listing

From your Society dashboard simply click (publish a Disposal), this will take you through the 4 steps to get your property published (location, availability, media and marketing text).

This is a great guide for how to tackle each step, but for now we'll skip forward to publishing...

2. Select 'Publish to the Society'

Within your disposal, go to the marketing page and you can find your publish options on the right-hand side of this page.

Click 'Society' to start the process of sharing your property to the other Agents Society Members, then 'Onto Publishing Steps' (bottom right). From here, you can add your stock to many societies, including West End, City, Office Agents and Industrial Agents!

3. Check you meet the minimum criteria

There is a minimum bar you have to meet to be able to list your disposal on the Agents Society, but don't worry - we've made it super-easy for you to complete the items you may have forgotten all in one place.

Simply complete the missing details and press save, this will then let you move onto circulating your disposal to the members.

4. Circulate the disposal to members

You can now publish your disposal to the marketplace and (optionally) circulate and notify members that you have pushed this listing live. If you have selected to notify members (recommended) then you get to craft an email using the subject line and message text boxes.

Once you're happy simply follow the blue button and hit 'Circulate Now' to get the listing live!

β˜… Pro Tip: Listing 'quality' is one of the best ways to increase your match requests from Tenant Reps. Focus on providing as much information as possible.

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