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Adding Media to a Disposal

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Adding photos and other media to Disposals is a very important step, which will allow you to produce outputs such as PDF Brochures, Microsites and listings on your website and property portals!

To do this, go to the Disposal, then go to the 'Media' tab.

Then either drag and drop images into the box, or click the blue 'Choose Images' button to find the images on your computer to upload.

You can use this to add Brochure Photos, which will pull through onto any PDF's that you create in the 'Marketing' tab!

Other Media

There are various other forms of media you can attach to a disposal, you an use the menu on the right hand side to jump to the form of media you would like to upload. (Green in screenshot below).

If you then hover over the 'Upload' button, it will tell you what types of file you can upload (Purple in the above screenshot). You will need to convert your file to one of the accepted ones in order for it to be uploaded!

Once these files have been uploaded, you can choose to append them to the PDF's you create from the 'Marketing' tab. This is great for adding a Floor Plan or an EPC to your marketing material! To do this, when creating your PDF, you can select up to 3 of the files you have uploaded to append to the PDF (shown in orange above).

That's it! You can now add Photos and Files to enrich your disposals!

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