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Handling Requirements
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Table of Contents:

What it's for?


Handling new requirements

1. Saved Views - qualify and assign to agents


  • All - all requirements in the system

  • New - all new requirements

In progress

  • Mine - all of your requirements

  • Team WIP - team's Work In Progress

  • Reminders - listings haven't been updated for 30 days

Key actions:

Archive > Unsuccessful & Disqualified

Qualify > Reassign to (Agent will receive a new email)


  • Complete - completed requirements

Progressing and completing existing requirements

Organise the matches based on these status':

  1. Signed - signed

  2. Lawyers - under offer

  3. Negotiating. The disposals that you're negotiating a deal on for this requirement

  4. Viewing. The disposals that your client wants to view or has been to view already

  5. Shortlist. The active matches for your requirement that your client has chosen to proceed with

  6. Longlist. Matches that you initially show to your client to refine

Email Shortlist

Client Login

  • Select what properties to include in your login area

  • Add a welcome message for your client / applicant to see

  • Add a password protection

  • Include or Exclude Particulars & Files

  • Generate Client Login

4. How to add comments

Report on your work in progress (WIP)

List view

Kanban Board view

Let us know if you have any questions below ๐Ÿ˜Š

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