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Lesson 1: Publish an acquisition to the society
Lesson 1: Publish an acquisition to the society

Create and promote your requirement on the Agents Society

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Create and share your acquisition to the society to notify disposal agents of your clients search criteria. Agents will start sending you their properties or you can proactively search the market and reach out to agents yourself!


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1. Start by creating your listing

From your Society dashboard simply click Circulate an Acquisition this will take you through the 3 steps to get your acquisition published (who, what and where).

This is a great guide for how to tackle each step, but for now we'll skip forward to publishing...

2. Publishing Options > Society

3. Check you meet the minimum criteria

Walk through the steps on-screen:

  • 'Notify Members' circulates an email about the acquisition to society members

  • Preview the email and enrich your listing with more detail if needed

  • Preview the listing to see what society members are able to see

  • Publish when you're ready to send the email and set the advert live to be able to add to many societies including West End, City, Office Agents and Industrial Agents!

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